Healthcare institutions

When you are placed in a care facility, you often long for the comforts of home; contact with family, that good book in the bookcase or your favorite TV program at 8 o’clock in the evening.

We at Hertzinger can bring these comforts of home to the care facility by means of WiFi internet and TV. This makes it possible to make video calls with family members, read your favorite book and/or listen via the Internet and everyone can watch their favorite programs whenever they want at the push of a button.

TV in de zorg

Linear en streaming. De combinatie is zo gemaakt.

Internet in de zorg

De gemakken van nu gaan vaak via het internet. Wij houden het gemakkelijk en stabiel.

Informatie in de zorg

informatie delen met patiĆ«nten kan in persoon of via de TV’s en digital signage.

Through a central solution it is possible for every care institution to quickly make use of TV and internet like at home. For this we place a central head-end from where we go to the different rooms via fiber. Over this fiber both internet and TV as well as telephony can be transported simultaneously and it is therefore not necessary to install unnecessary cabling.

Do you have an existing COAX or UTP network? Our services can also be used over this network, please contact us about the possibilities.

Besides the internet like at home, we also provide the suitable TV solution for your healthcare facility. We offer more digital channels, so you can offer your patients a tailored package of television channels. Besides the good quality, we are also very affordable. With us you have the guarantee that you can continue to watch TV at a very good quality and at an affordable price.

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