Our company

Our proud history as a family-owned, innovative internet and TV company stretches back to 1987, where Pieter Hertzinger started with selling motorized satellite dishes. Nowadays we operate in a highly innovative market where we use new techniques combined with the knowledge we gathered throughout the years, all with our 3 key components in mind: Quality, innovation and Service.

Operating in an environment where internet is getting more and more important we strive to be as innovative as possible to rethink the way we watch TV, get access to internet services and where we want to use all these services.

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Ons bedrijf

Onze trotse geschiedenis als een innovatief internet en TV bedrijf gaat terug tot 1987, waar Pieter Hertzinger startte met de verkoop van draaibare satelliet schotels. Tegenwoordig zijn wij werkzaam in een ontzettend innovatieve markt waar wij gebruik maken van nieuwe technieken en onze kennis welke wij hebben ontwikkeld door de jaren heen, en dat alles met onze 3 kernwaardes hoog in het vaandel: Kwaliteit, innovatie en service.

Werkzaam in een ondernemingsklimaat waar internet als maar belangrijker wordt, streven wij ernaar om zo innovatief mogelijk te zijn en de manier waarop wij TV kijken, toegang krijgen tot het internet en de plekken waar we al deze services gebruiken, te herzien.

Hertzinger kantoor

Begonnen in een schuur achter het huis van zijn ouders, is Pieter Hertzinger samen met alle medewerkers 2 keer verhuisd en zitten wij inmiddels al 11 jaar in dit kantoor.


Countries we are active in


Years of experience



A small selection of what we do and have done

IP tv en satelliet tv

The foundation of Hertzinger is based around the reception of TV. Started with the motorized satellite dishes, Hertzinger quickly saw the opportunity to expand the single use of satellite reception usage to a bigger scale. GSO (Dutch for large SMATV systems) was invented and Hertzinger became the supplier of many housing corporations, supplying their residents with satellite television from their own country receiving up to 8 satellite positions over one coaxial cable.

Nowadays the way we watch television is changing and therefore have the techniques to receive and distribute the different television signal. We committed ourselves to our innovative role to always be ahead of the coming techniques without losing our foundation in the older techniques.

WiFi is a service we cannot go around anymore in the times we live in. With an increasing demand from recreational guests, residents and employees, B2B markets such as chalet parks, camping’s, migrant residences and business complexes saw the need of providing WiFi. With a service whose techniques change every day we, together with suppliers such as Televes, make sure we keep our R&D department a little bit too busy to keep ahead of the innovative pace. In the season 2020 we provided internet access to more than 10% of all the recreational holiday guests in The Netherlands.

Wifi oplossingen
Optical fiber

With the transition from COAX to Fiber networks around The Netherlands we provided KPN, in the start of the optical fiber TV project with the optical TV equipment, the installation, management and maintenance. Furthermore we provided the Reggefiber with TV head-end equipment and all subscriptions to their customers (wholesale). Leading up to these big projects up to 2009 and in the days after it we made ourselves comfortable in all the techniques that come with optical fiber. Now we install small systems in hotels to large (cable) networks on chalet parks and camping’s.

What makes us Hertzinger

Innovation, reliance and involvement are words that define us. A team of 19 employees works to be ahead of the vast technical environment we find ourselves in every day. Our older colleagues try to give along all the experience they have gained to the younger generation while they try to teach the older employees about all the new technologies that are introduced.

We work closely with suppliers and customers to define the needs of the market and to focus ourselves on the future, therefore we have defined the following mission:




“We shall be the most reliable and innovative internet and WiFi organization delivering custom made systems to provide our customers’ needs without giving in on quality and service while simultaneously work to achieve the professional growth of our employees.”

From providing a corporate cast solution to redefining an internet system on an outdated network, innovation is key and innovation has always been part of our DNA. We refuse to settle for “good enough” or “it is the way it is”, a mindset that has brought us to where we are right now and what will help us achieve our mission.

We have mentioned innovation, but reliance and involvement are the other words that define Hertzinger. This is because we make use of our own educated installation and service team. Both digital as analog there are well trained professionals working and monitoring all the projects we have installed to ensure the durability of the systems that are installed. Both the customer and employee are given the correct project information to achieve the best result possible.

Although we strive to achieve a service less system, malfunctions can occur. When this happens we provide the customer with a 24/7 service line to maximize our services.

All of this is what makes us Hertzinger. Right now and in the upcoming years, with our most defining statement in mind:

“If we don’t believe in it, we don’t deliver it.”

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