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Whether you arrive at a meeting room, restaurant, camp site or hotel. One of the first questions people ask is: What is the WiFi password? By now, WiFi has become a necessity of life. Customers and guests assume that WiFi is available and expect it to be good enough to be able to do their “daily” business. Yet it is not always easy for you as a recreational entrepreneur, hotelier, restaurateur and home/office provider to deliver the quality WiFi your customers and guests demand.

We can help you with that. On this page you will find the possibilities that fit your business and you can click through to a more detailed explanation of the wide range of systems and solutions we have to offer.

WiFi on chaletparks

Internet like at home. That is what we ensure when delivering a WiFi Internet system at a bungalow park. We do not respond to the expectations of your guests, we relieve your organisation of questions and complaints about the WiFi system so that you can focus on other important tasks.

We achieve this by applying new (smart) techniques to your situation. Is there still an old coax network? No problem, with our internet over coax solutions your guests will not notice the difference with their fibre connection at home. Or are you renovating and laying a new fibre-optic network across the park? Let us inform you about the best solutions.

In a bungalow park, the purchase of an internet system is often a point of discussion: The homes are owned by various owners, some of whom do not need internet and therefore do not want to invest. All our solutions ensure that only those owners who want to use the Internet have to invest in it.

Is the investment still too severe? Then take a look at our WiFi as a Service (WAAS) solution, where we pre-finance the entire internet system for you. The service remains the same. An internet system just like at home, without any worries for your organisation. Call us and find out what we can do for you.

WiFi on campsites and marina’s

The presence of WiFi plays an important role in the choice of a campsite for many guests. Marina guests also expect WiFi. The WiFi internet has to be really good ‘today’, otherwise today’s guests will almost immediately use the pen to share their experiences online.

Another challenge is that a family of five now wants to access nine devices and all family members expect fast internet. The latest trend in internet use is watching TV via the internet. Not only Netflix or Uitzendinggemist, but nearly all TV providers have all channels available online. More and more often, different family members watch different channels or streams of TV, which has a huge impact on the WiFi network.

We offer affordable and stable WiFi internet, not only for 2020, but also for the years to come. Our internet systems are fully managed so that we can make the most optimal combination between the number of guests, the internet supply (back-bone) and the number of WiFi Access Points. The management system is adjusted once a year to the optimal situation at that time.

With this solution, all your guests (free or paid) can make use of the WiFi Internet via a landing page. This landing page is made entirely according to your house style and contains all the information about your campsite or marina.


The best solution is a modem in every chalet

Access Points

Good management is the key to a smooth operational network with Access Points.


A temporary WiFi connection is easily set up, for example for a (festival) campsite or other events.

WiFi in hotels

In your room, in the restaurant or in the meeting rooms. WiFi in hotels is here to stay, but the way the network is used is changing every day. Casting to the TV is the new way of watching TV, also in hotels, only this is not possible on the WiFi network of 5 years ago. Meetings are (partly) conducted digitally and flex-working in the room is demanding more and more from the WiFi network.

We offer several solutions for small and large hotels. Over existing and/or new networks. The combination with TV is easily made, but also a stand-alone WiFi network can often be realised without major interventions. This allows you to offer a WiFi solution that suits your hotel and guests.

Problem-free Internet for your guests and for your employees and processes. With a 24/7 service line, we are always ready to help you, so that you can focus on what is really important; providing service to your guests.

WiFi in living areas and office spaces

Collective WiFi internet for living areas, home workplaces and office spaces is a must for users and for the facilitating party. Because in many cases individuals use a single incoming line and each person expects the WiFi network to be able to support all their activities, it is essential to set up this network properly.

With various techniques, products and over 35 years of experience, we can set up this network in such a way that it perfectly matches the user’s needs. For example, we recently provided migrant housing complexes with an internet solution, where residents have their own network in their room and automatically switch to the shared network when they leave the room.

In student residences, this network is set up slightly differently, especially since the use of these users is very different from, for example, migrant residences or office spaces.

All in all, we can realise a WiFi internet network for today. Without requiring major changes. So does your complex still have an “old” coax network? That’s not a problem. Nobody will notice the difference with a “new” fibre-optic network. Would you prefer a fibre optic network? Then contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and combinations that can be made.


With the rise of flexi-working and streaming TV, good WiFi is a must in a hotel.

Optical Fiber

The possibilities of optical fiber are endless. Curious about what the possibilities are for you? Give us a call!

WiFi in living areas

Good WiFi. Everywhere. In the room, gym and outside in the garden.

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