Hotel TV and Streaming

A hotel guest expects TV in the room. Nowadays they even expect one of very good quality and at least comparable to home. The channel selection does not have to be the same as long as the primary channels are offered. For foreign guests it is therefore important to offer the most popular TV channels. For the guests, the public and commercial channels should be available. Special channels are usually not viewed or brought by the guest themselves. We offer more digital channels, so you can offer your guests a tailored package of television channels. Besides the good quality we are also very affordable. With us you have the guarantee that you can continue to watch TV at a very good quality.

It is very easy to install your own TV Head-end. When the satellite programs are encoded, think of all the channels, they are enabled in the equipment and projected as unencoded digital TV programs in the existing network. This can be a coaxial network, a UTP network or a fiber optic network.

New hotel TV sets automatically read in the channels. Even when channels change, the TV sets automatically adjust the channel list so that all channels are again in a logical order. We supply various brands of TV sets, in addition to the well-known brands LG and Philips, we also supply inexpensive TV sets with a start screen from your hotel as standard!

TV toestellen

Alle nieuwe TV toestellen beschikken over een digitale tuner welke digitale TV kan weergeven zonder een externe tuner (Settop Box).

Digitaal TV systeem

Door het plaatsen van centrale apparatuur worden alle gewenste TV zenders ontvangen en doorgegeven op uw netwerk.


An IPTV system is a TV system based on Internet Protocol (IP). Often used in hotels and office buildings where the TV signals are plugged into the existing data infrastructure. Want to know more about a standard IPTV system like ‘digital TV’ or an interactive IPTV system?

Digital TV

Digital TV has the advantage that many channels can be transmitted with little equipment. The quality is very good and even HD is possible. Because modern equipment is used it is also ready for future changes or modifications (4K TV, HEVC, H.265).


The way guests watch TV has changed. The availability of casting is considered normal by many guests. Curious about ‘the’ professional TV independent casting solution in Europe?

TV zenders

There is a huge choice of many TV and radio stations which can be transmitted. Various packages of national channels supplemented with foreign channels, channels that your guests want. There is always a channel package available that suits you best.

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