Intercom Systems

Since late 2008, when the first major smartphone was introduced, the development of the Internet, watching TV, the associated networks and the demand from your customers has changed dramatically. Internet became WiFi, linear TV became Netflix, and the demand for fiber optics continued to grow. Yet we continue to ring the doorbell of apartment buildings and office buildings, via an ‘old fashioned’ button panel. Sometimes equipped with a camera. Until now.

With our interactive intercom systems we are not only taking a step into the future, we are making a step from the past into the present. By applying all your normal conveniences of today in an intercom. But now we hear you thinking “do my residents, guests or customers have to be a technical prodigy for this?” No!
We bring you today’s conveniences, such as being able to see remotely who is at the door, to communicate with them and to open the door, without giving up the convenience of the past. There remains a button panel, or a digital panel so that young and old can continue to operate it.

With key tags you give the resident or guest access to the apartment building or park. And then only access to the predefined areas or parts of the park. If a key tag is lost, it can easily be removed from the system so that misuse belongs to the past.

So do you have an office building with multiple tenants or do you want to equip an apartment building with today’s conveniences? Please contact us for more information.

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