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Internet access is becoming increasingly important and volume is required. To date, a tricky situation for the shipping industry, for example. In many cases there is no connection at all or not enough to meet the large flow of information needed today.

Internet via 4G

4G LTE supply, unlimited volume throughout Europe (no data restrictions!) and with speeds up to 150Mbps. Quickly deployable, short contract periods (from 12 months), special recreational rates (7 months active – 5 months inactive). Also applicable as redundant connection.

Now Internet anywhere and anytime

This is now no longer necessary. There is a highly intelligent Internet by Satellite system that follows the satellite under all conditions and provides a reliable broadband connection of 6Mbps or 10Mbps from via the ASTRA satellite. This unique Hertzinger IP-Nautica system has been specially developed for the shipping industry. For several years the manufacturer KNS has gained experience on seagoing vessels where VSAT is offered. This has resulted in a smaller system, developed especially for a large part of Europe where the 61 cm satellite dish always has sufficient capacity to guarantee, in combination with the service offered by Hertzinger, a broadband Internet connection via the ASTRA satellite.

Internet subscription Europe

Two packages are available, the “Entree package” and the “Profi package”, depending on the consumption. The Entrance package has a connection of 6Mbps and a download volume of 3Gbyte per month. With the Professional package one has a 10Mbps connection with a download volume of 10Gbyte. If the download volume is exceeded, additional volume can be ordered online. As an additional service, the “Freezone” service is available whereby unlimited downloads can be made at night (between 24:00 and 06:00 hours). This volume is not included in the regular volume.

Internet subscription Global

For the Global Internet access there are also two packages available, the “Start package” and the “Premium package”, depending on the speed. The Start package has a connection of 4Mbps down and 1Mbps up with unlimited volume consumption. With the Premium package one has a 8Mbps down and 2Mbps up connection with unlimited volume.


The Hertzinger IP-Nautica system allows for optional telephony. With this VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony it is possible to make calls at very low cost without delays. There is hardly any difference between a fixed connection and the Hertzinger IP-Nautica system. Calling the barge can be done with a local area code (010, 030 etc.) and ships call each other for free.

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