Internet access

Do you have a slow Internet or no Internet supply at all and still need Internet at a bungalow park, commercial building, residential property, campground or marina?
Or do you need a temporary internet connection for an event or construction site?

Then there are several options for accessing fast and reliable internet:

  1. 4G LTE access, almost unlimited volume throughout Europe (Data plans on request) and with speeds up to 120Mbps.
    Quickly deployable, short contract periods (from 12 months), special recreation rates (7 months active – 5 months inactive). Also applicable as a redundant connection.
  2. Through a beamconnection (wireless fiber optics), unlimited volume and at speeds up to 500Mbps.
    A “wireless fiber optic” connection, reliable and fast.
  3. Internet via satellite, with limited volume and speeds up to 20Mbps
    Quickly deployable, anywhere you want. Also applicable as a redundant connection.
  4. Fiber optic connection with unlimited volume and with speeds up to 1Gbps
    When fiber optic cable is installed in the region it is the best choice; fast, reliable and economical.

We will find out for you what the possibilities are and give you a proposal without any obligation!


In almost all cases, it is possible to achieve the Internet supply via a 4G connection. It has recently become possible to take out subscriptions with unlimited data usage.
A super fast and stable connection for a fixed price per month.


As a supply of internet, a beam connection is a good, very affordable and full-fledged alternative. It is therefore also called “wireless fiber optics”.
High speeds with great reliability often easy to achieve within a few days.


If non of the internet access options are possible, an internet via satellite system is the best alternative. A proper, very affordable and full-fledged alternative with speeds up to 20Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. These systems can be installed anywhere in Europe.


Let us inform you whether a fiber connection is possible. If this is not the case, we can also inform you about the Ziggo, Delta or KPN possibilities.

Hotel Herberg Binnen

Na een grondige verbouwing heeft Hotel Herberg Binnen 8 royale en prachtig ingerichte hotelkamers weten te realiseren! Wij hebben hier zowel de televisie als Wifi oplossingen verzorgd en met de [...]

Control ROOM 45

Een mobiele opdracht van Room 45. TV en 4G internet maar iedere week op een andere locatie. De mobiele hotelkamers staan tijdelijk op b.v. festivals en evenementen.

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