Optical Fiber

When a new network has to be laid or when CAI cabinets need a new cable connection, a fiber optic cable is the most sensible choice. The fiber optic cable is suitable for distribution of TV signal and for distribution of data (including Internet).

When a new infrastructure is installed there are two possibilities: A fiber optic cable up to the CAI cabinets (or up to the WiFi masts) and from the CAI cabinet with coaxial cables to the (home) connections or a complete fiber optic network where a fiber optic cables are installed up to the homes.

Optical fiber up to the CAI cabinets

When a fiber optic cable is installed up to each CAI cabinet, the optical signal in the CAI cabinet is converted to an electrical signal, so that data and the TV signal are possible.

From the CAI cabinet an (existing) coax cable is used to bring the internet and TV signal to the bungalow or home. In the bungalow, a Televes coax data modem is placed for wired and WiFi internet and the digital TV signal is available .

Fiber to every (home) connection

In case of a complete new infrastructure construction, a consideration can be made to install a fiber optic cable all the way to the accommodations. The major advantage of having fiber to every home or bungalow is that a very future-proof infrastructure is then in place. The most common fiber optic setup is a GPON system (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) in which all fiber optics come from one central room (Point to Point) or from a number of central distribution points.

In a central room, a GPON server (OLT) is placed on which a maximum of 512 connections (homes) are accessed. This server takes care of managing all data traffic (internet, telephony, IPTV, cameras, intercom, access, care etc.) and optional TV signal. A fiber optic modem is placed in the accommodations (ONT) on which the various services are again available. Depending on the model, WiFi is also available (2.4 & 5GHz). Through the server the modem is fully controlled, all services can be remotely managed and turned on or off (including TV). The modem has a maximum speed of 2 Gbps.

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