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Sollutions for camp sights and marina’s
Internet, WiFi and television

WiFi has become one of the most asked for services on camp sights. The modern guest let his reservation depend on the availability of fast internet (WiFi). On review websites or apps such as Zoover can be seen that reviews around WiFi are most present and that the worst reviews are about the camp sight not having WiFi or not having a WiFi network according to the guest there expectations.


Internet WiFi

Offering WiFi on a camp sight or a marina asks for a well thought out plan from the owner/investor of the company. Most of the time a simple WiFi system is installed which works perfect for a small amount of guests, but crashes when a few guest are using a lot of bandwidth at the same time. Hertzinger offers smart WiFi solutions which have the focus on the peak season, where all the camp sights and marina’s are extra busy. We make sure that everyone can use a fast WiFi connection, with fast log-ins and most important a reliable connection.

Internet like at home !

Digital Television

The cost of a digital receiving station is up to 80% lower than the cost of an analogue head-end. So much cheaper that even with 40 connections, your own digital TV system is cheaper than the ZIGGO offer (including all materials and rights). In addition to huge cost savings, the quality is many times better and more digital channels can be offered, including their own information channel.


With the advent of WiFi internet, many recreation and hospitality entrepreneurs started to install WiFi routers to provide their guests with internet. With the rapidly changing world of WiFi Internet, it later became clear that this was not the solution. A centrally managed system was needed to provide guests with internet like at home and to take the hassle out of you as a business owner. This rapid technological change has shown us that it is not possible to meet the demand of a guest by simply adding, replacing or using a range of products within a bungalow park or hotel.

With the rise of streaming TV and casting, you and we are faced with the same split. Are we going to meet the demands of your guests by simply attaching a chromecast to the TV? Or are we going to offer this as a total solution where insight, management and unburdening are central, just as with the WiFi Internet.

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TV toestellen

Alle nieuwe TV toestellen beschikken over een digitale tuner welke digitale TV kan weergeven zonder een externe tuner (Settop Box).

Digitaal TV systeem

Door het plaatsen van centrale apparatuur worden alle gewenste TV zenders ontvangen en doorgegeven op uw netwerk.


An IPTV system is a TV system based on Internet Protocol (IP). Often used in hotels and office buildings where the TV signals are connected to the existing data infrastructure. Standard features of an IPTV system are ‘digital TV’, a channel list with program information. In addition, an IPTV system can have an interactive interface: With an interactive IPTV system the guest can be approached interactively; a personal welcome screen, bill overview, online check-out, restaurant reservation and so on.

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Digitale TV

Digital TV has the advantage that many channels can be transmitted with little equipment. The quality is very good and even HD is possible. Because modern equipment is used it is also ready for future changes or adjustments (4K TV, HEVC, H.265). Even all our TV receiving stations can be remotely adjusted and converted if there are station changes. Digital TV can be received via satellite, Digitenne, fiber optics, IP delivery and cable TV. This depends on the location and availability of the sources.
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TV zenders

There is a huge choice of TV and radio channels that can be transmitted. Often the choice is made for the Dutch public and commercial channel package possibly supplemented with German, English, French or Russian TV channels. A large part of these channels is available in HD, which means that these channels are shown in the highest possible quality on the guest’s TV set. There are several channel packages available especially for the business market. There is always a channel package available that suits you best.
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