The TV independent professional cast solution in Europe

With the advent of WiFi internet, many recreation and hospitality entrepreneurs started to install WiFi routers to provide their guests with internet. With the rapidly changing world of WiFi Internet, it later became clear that this was not the solution. A centrally managed system was needed to provide guests with internet like at home and to take the hassle out of you as a business owner. This rapid technological change has shown us that it is not possible to meet the demand of a guest by simply adding, replacing or using a range of products within a bungalow park or hotel.

With the rise of streaming TV and casting, you and we are faced with the same split. Are we going to meet the demands of your guests by simply attaching a chromecast to the TV? Or are we going to offer this as a total solution where insight, management and unburdening are central, just as with the WiFi Internet.

With Arantia Cast, it is possible to provide all the TVs in your park or hotel with a cast solution. It doesn’t matter if the TV’s are different brands, models or years, it can be applied to any situation. Just like with a chrome cast we connect a box to the TV through the HDMI port and turn every ‘normal TV’ into a ‘Smart TV’.

Hidden network

ARANTIACAST uses a hidden network so that your guests do not see the other casts.

For everyone

Thanks to a clear explanation, the casting solution can be used by everyone. From young to old, everyone can cast their favourite series.

All centred

The use of a central server gives you insight into usage and makes management so easy that you don’t have to worry about it.

ARANTIACAST, how does it work? 

As mentioned earlier, the essence of Arantia Cast is to provide insight into, manage and relieve you of the cast solution at your park or hotel. By placing a central server, we create an environment that provides you with insight into the use of all Casts and where there might be a problem. With this information, you can act ahead of time and your guest will have the experience you want to give them.

By using the server, your guests won’t be bothered by seeing the neighbor’s cast, for example, which is the case when using separate Google Chrome Casts. Your guests simply use the internet you offer and connect to the chromecast by scanning a code on the TV. Once they have done this, a brief explanation on how to use the phone or laptop follows for the cast solution.

In the age we live in today, most people already have one or more subscriptions to streaming services themselves. So with offering a cast solution you don’t have to offer them (streaming) content, but the guest brings it themselves.

Curious about all the possibilities of ARANTIACAST? Please contact us for a COVID-19 secure demo free of any obligations.

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